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Vintage Gibson Tuner Knob Replacement


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1_pre_war_gibson_L_00_tuners 2_pre_war_gibson_L_00_
1. A Gibson L-00.  This one was built in 1941 and it sports a set of old open-geared tuning machines.  The tuners work fine but the plastic buttons are starting to deteriorate. 2. Rotten Buttons.  The plastic is shrinking and cracking leaving the buttons with almost no structural integrity.  Plus, they just look kind of ugly.  Time for some new buttons.
3_pre_war_gibson_L_00_replacement_buttons 4_pre_war_gibson_L_00_
3. Replacement Buttons for vintage guitars are fairly easy to get in different profiles and colors.  I bought these from 4. The Buttons are formed with a small mortise to accept the shaft of the worm gear.  These buttons don’t have the same profile as the originals but the off white color is much closer in color to the originals than the replacement buttons with the correct profile.
5_pre_war_gibson_L_00_ 6_pre_war_gibson_L_00_
5. Removing the Old buttons is fairly straightforward.  I break them apart with the same flush-ground end-nippers that I use for cutting fretwire. 6. Cleaning the Hardware with a wire-brush and some steel wool.
7_pre_war_gibson_L_00_ 8_pre_war_gibson_L_00_
7. Bent Shafts are kind of annoying when you are tuning a guitar.  While the buttons are removed, I’ll straighten them out. 8. Bending the Shafts straight in a vise is fairly quick and easy.
9_pre_war_gibson_L_00_ 10_pre_war_gibson_L_00_
9. Heating Things up with a small torch.  The hot metal will melt its way into the rectangular mortise in the replacement button.  I’ll use the vise to press the buttons onto the shaft. 10. Pressing the Buttons onto the hot worm-gear shaft can be a bit tricky.  It’s easy to set the button too deep so I measure the length of protruding worm-gear shaft to ensure a uniform depth of installation on all buttons.
11_pre_war_gibson_L_00_ 12_pre_war_gibson_L_00_
11. New Tuner Knobs for this old Gibson. 12. All Done.