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Unsolicited Testimonials

“Hello Nate, I had to write and tell you that the SRV neck is fantastic! It looks beautiful and she plays like a dream.”
-E.M. Battleboro, NC

“Your repairs have helped my playing technique improve.
Thanks for all that you have done.”
-S.I. Boston, MA

“Nate, thanks for the setup. The fret leveling is excellent!”
-R.L. Carlsbad, NM

“I got the guitar yesterday and SUPERB work. Thank you.”
-P.D. Parsippany, NJ

“Hey Nate, Got the guitar and am blown away by your work. Now the instrument is everything it can and should be.
Thanks so much!”
-P.V., Dalton, PA

“I finally had a chance to play my guitar this weekend. You did a great job… The axe is even cooler now that you have worked your magic on it.”
-J.H., CO

“Just thought I’d let you know that everything went fine on my end. Picked up the guitar last Friday. Plays great, sounds good… Would never know it had been worked on.”
-B.K. Marienette WI

“I can’t even see where you ripped it apart to re-do the neck reset and fingerboard refretting. Amazing work, Nate. I put on a new set of strings, waited a day for the high humidity and 90s+ temperatures to go away, and voila, my D40 was sounding and playing as expected. Even better. I can’t thank you enough.”
-M.J. Round Pond, ME

“Nate, I got the neck today. You are a master luthier, no question about that! I love it, perfect. I’ve got the action set very low, lower than I would ever expect and it has zero flaws, it could go lower too, no doubt. The nut is cut perfect. This guitar never held a tune for more than two songs, I’ve played about an hour straight along with some songs and it’s still in tune. I’m in awe of this, it’s gonna take a while for my hand to get used to being pampered again by a comfortable instrument. This was worth every penny and more, I can’t thank you enough!”
-M.S., NC

“Just wanted to let you know that I have really been enjoying my Martin. The upgrade you gave it was well worth it. It sounds great all the way up the neck, and the action is much better than when I bought it last year.”
-D.J. Canada

“Just played my first real gig with the new guitars and it went great. Filled the place to standing room only. The guitars sound better than I could have imagined.”
-L.R. Horseheads, NY

“I just wanted to let you know that my vintage SG now stays in tune as if it were new… The intonation is wonderful, it even hits harmonics now that I haven’t heard for many years. I am very pleased with the quality and thoroughness of your work, and will gladly recommend you to other guitar players needing professional repair or set up.”
-T.C. Sayre, PA

“I am awestruck by the sounds I can produce on this guitar now… Nate brought this project in a week ahead of schedule and way under budget! How’s that for service!!”
-J.T. Rome, NY

“I wanted to touch base with you to tell you that I have truly enjoyed my play perfect and tone perfect Strat since you serviced it. One year later and my Fender plays like velvet. You are a master.”
-M.C. Newark, NY

“Thanks so much for the fine job you did on my Martin. Contrary to my several sit-up-straight-in the-middle-of-the-night nightmares, it came back in great shape, still looks good, and plays so much better! I was greatly relieved. Sounds great. Worth the expense for sure. Should last me another 75 years!”
-D.G. Buffalo, NY

“Thanks for the action adjustment- the guitar plays and sounds great!”
-A.D. Ithaca, NY

“I used my guitar at a gig Friday night and it just played real nice!”
-B.K. Ithaca, NY

“I took my two-year old Larrivee into the shop for a set-up… I have to say that Nate at Finger Lakes Guitar Repair in Ithaca, NY did an amazing job. His work was top notch, and he was extremely anal about getting perfection.”
-M.P. Syracuse, NY

“I really appreciate the job you did on my Deering Crossfire. As you know, I found it so uncomfortable to play that it was becoming a wall hanger in my office. Since you filed the frets along the neck and installed the 5th string spikes, it’s become a very playable instrument, thanks to your efforts.”
-P.F. Ithaca, NY

“I just wanted to let you know that the Rickenbacker plays just like it did when I bought it back in 1974. You did a fantastic job in restoring it to its original condition.”
-M.H. Rochester, NY

“The guitar looks like new and plays beautifully. Thanks again.”
-J.S. Ithaca, NY

“Top Notch Work! Thank you!”
-M.J. Liverpool, NY

“You’ve done an excellent job on my Taylor classical guitar. When I was at your shop I had to examine the guitar several times to make sure it was mine. Really played and felt like a different guitar. The action feels and plays with ease. Now I have good, clear tone without bending the strings as I move through the neck. I’m amazed at the difference in the feel and ease of playing. True craftsmen that care are hard to find. Thanks for the setup for my style of playing… I did thank Taylor for sending me to you for my guitar repairs. I did let them know I was very pleased.”
-C.P. Rome, NY

“Just wanted to thank you again. The Gibson sounds fantastic. I don’t think it has ever sounded this good.”
-T.A. Oswego, NY

“Just wanted to let you know the strat is playing great. Thanks for the excellent service.”
-P.F. Painted Post, NY

“Just a note to thank you for your time and skilled craftsmanship. My D-28 is a much more playable instrument again and your structural repairs (that i didn’t realize where there) have set my mind at ease. I have all my instruments in their own humidity controlled room now, thanks to you. FYI, the fret job , hand-tooled/polished bone nut & saddle looks 100% stunning also. I was considering purchasing another D-size acoustic guitar before I ran across your website. My old Martin just needed a tune up. It would have been a shame to just let her sit in the case. She has such a brilliant voice. Anyway, great job in my humble opinion!”
-J.C. Watkins Glen, NY

“I just closed my office door to try out the repaired Martin – it sounds incredible to my ears and is so easy, fun to play. Way better than I imagined it would be, which says a lot since I have come to expect expert work! Great job.”
-M.S. Ithaca, NY

“Last summer you re-fretted my Larrivee OM. I just wanted you to know the guitar is back in Taiwan and fine, the frets are great.”
-J.S. Taiwan

“I love the Epi Les Paul after you leveled the frets! Plays like a $3,000 Gibson! The action is so much better that I actually kept missing the first string for awhile. Now that’s low!”
-S.S. Syracuse, NY

“Guitar plays great ! My friends are wondering how you got the action so low without fret buzzzz. Everyone is very impressed. Thanks.”
-J.M. Binghamton, NY

“Had a great time in Ithaca area. It was great meeting you and spending some time at the shop. I appreciate the work you completed on my strat. It sounds/feels great. I always appreciate the best possible attention my gear gets… Look forward to connecting with you again for future repairs.”
-R.S. Hopewell, NY

“Used the Eastman over the weekend and it was great. The new frets made a big difference and the guitar plays and sounds better; I can’t believe how smooth it feels.”
-A.S. Ithaca, NY

“The [strat] fretboard work is complete craftsmanship. I can’t wait to send you my other one for a refret. Thanks again for the work and your craftsmanship”
-P.S., Boston, MA

“Nice job, will be in touch. Will send and advise to send work your way. Thanks.”
-G.S., NJ

“I wanted to thank you for the fine work you did on my ‘97 G&L ASAT and ‘86 G&L Broadcaster. Both guitars had a slight twist removed from the neck and were refretted with nickel silver frets. The difference in sound and playability are striking. The notes are clear the action is exactly what I wanted, beautiful fret work. I appreciate the straight answers to my questions. You are a true professional and a talented technician. I look forward to working with you in the future.”
-E.F. Binghamton, NY

“You turned an unplayable collection of wood, metal, wire and electronics into just what i hoped it would be. Thank you, Nate!”
-A.A. Ithaca, NY


“I just wanted to say you did a fantastic job on this guitar.  It just feels so amazing, never felt better.  Nut is perfect, have plenty of room.  It just plays like the wind man.  You’re a very talented cat!”
-J.F., Oneonta, NY

“I found your website while searching for re-fret pricing.  Your pricing is competitive, and there are a lot of good testimonials.  I decided to give it a shot, and I’m so glad I did!  The job you did with the stainless frets on my PRS Custom 22 is impeccable.  I daresay same as if not better than plek’d (I have a Rasmus which was plek’d and set up by Suhr in the US).  It feels incredible and plays like butter.  I’m looking forward to getting home from work so I can play it again.  Thank you so much!!!”
-T.Y., Syracuse, NY