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Fender Jaguar, Custom Wiring Cavity


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fender modern player's jaguar headstock fender modern player jaguar body
1. A Fender “Modern Player” Jaguar.  This one is a brand new. 2. The Modern Player Line is billed by Fender as an entry-level line of guitars.  The owner of this guitar bought it as a platform for a custom pickup and switching configuration that he wants to use.
fender jaguar custom circuit toggle switches fender modern player jaguar original wiring cavity and large replacement toggle switch
3. The New Switches have nowhere to go.  I’ll create a new cavity for the two smaller switches.  4. The Large Switch won’t fit into the original cavity so I’ll have to enlarge the cavity.
layout from center line using calipers to layout mini toggle switch holes
5. Layout is Key.  I have a straightedge on the center-line of the guitar’s body.  I am marking a parallel line 77mm off of the center line at the bridge and here, by the toggle switch cavity. 6. Marking the Holes for the new, mini-toggle switches.  The holes will be evenly spaced .625” on center along the layout line that runs parallel to the center line.
drilling out mini toggle switch holes  drilling out new cavity with forstner bit
7. Drilling the Holes for the mini toggle switches with the drill press.  I am drilling all the way through the back of the guitar. 8. Drilling Out the Cavity for the mini toggle switches is pretty quick with a forsner bit and the drill press.  A series  of over-lapping holes will get rid of most of the waste.
scribe marks to layout large toggle switch cavity  mortise chisel corner of cavity
9. More Layout, this time I’m marking the edge of the cavity to be enlarged. 10. Chisel Work gets rid of the rest of the waste and cleans up the walls of the cavities.  I’m using a mortising chisel to get into the tight corners of the large toggle switch cavity.
violin purfling cutter tool as marking gauge  routing flange for back cover plate
11. Flange Layout will mark the borders of the flat recess which will accommodate the plastic cover that will protect the wiring and switches.  I’m using a violin purfling cutter as a marking gauge. 12. Routing the Flange with a dremel tool with accompanying router base.  A palm router would also be a great tool for this step.
fabricate custom back cover plate  coat cavity with conductive shielding paint
13. Making the Back Cover 14. Conductive Shielding Paint helps hide the repair and reduce noise, hum and radio interference with the new circuit.
 back cover plate complete  new switches
15. New Wiring Cavity Cover 16. All Set.  Wiring isn’t my forte so the owner of this jaguar will take it to the electronics tech of his choosing.