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Do It Yourself

So you don’t have the time and or the cash to get your guitar into the shop?  Maybe you like the gear as much as you like the music?  Whatever your reasons, you’re determined to do it yourself.  Well here are some ways you can become a little more self-sufficient.


Questions about DIY guitar repair?  If you haven’t found your answer here, try asking the folks on the The Gear Page forum.


Quick Disclaimer:

There are no mole-hills in guitar repair, only mountains.  One mistake or oversight can cost you or your guitar dearly.  There’s just no way to convey years of experience and nuance into any article, book, or video.  If you damage your guitar while working on it yourself, you alone are responsible for the consequences, no matter whose advice you’re following!  Okay, if I haven’t scared you out of messing with your guitar, have fun!